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Aurelia Woodwing
Aurelia Woodwing

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PostSubject: RACES/CREATURES   Mon Jun 04, 2012 5:45 pm


Red races are usable.


[center]In your regular form, you are a dark complected human with werewolf ears, tail, teeth and a keen sense of smell. The full moon brings you much energy and strength. Under the full moon, you are transformed into the original werewolf form. They worship the deity Mordecai - he is said to have given the race their power starting with only a group.


You are a peaceful humanoid creature. A lover of nature, you usually reside in wooded areas. Violent only when provoked. Generally, you use nature as your weapon.

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[center]In your regular form, you appear a red eyed, dark, fanged human. You feed on whatever you must to keep you alive. Your skin burns severely in the sun, so you usually only emerge at night. A new moon gives you your ultimate strength and power. It transforms you into your "full vampire form". Higher ranked vampires are permanently in this state.

Dark Elf

You are hellish in nature and are a close ally with the vampire race. Hardly comparable with a regular elf, you enjoy everything death and torture related. You are here to make everything as miserable as possible.


Half man, half horse. Skilled with a bow and arrow and spear. Allied strongly with the werewolf race.

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