Darkest Day, Blackest Night

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 My Character Sheet.

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PostSubject: My Character Sheet.   Mon Jun 04, 2012 9:36 pm

Character Name : Xion
Character Race : Dark Elf/Vampire Hybrid (only one)
Character Class(es) : Dark Elf/Vampire Lord
Alignment : Evil
Deity : Myself

Gender : Male
Age : 937
Height : 7' 10"
Weight : 461 lbs
Eyes : Black
Hair : Black with some silver

Personality: Seems very dominant on the outside. Becomes slightly submissive if Aurelia nags him enough. Is nearly addicted to tacos for some strange reason. Is very sexual with Aurelia and often teases her.

Strengths: ???
Weaknesses: ???
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My Character Sheet.
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