Darkest Day, Blackest Night

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 Kilia Woodwing

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Kilia Woodwing

Kilia Woodwing

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Character Name : Kilia Woodwing
Character Race : Golden Elf
Character Class(es) : Archer
Alignment : Undecided
Deity : (applicable for werewolf race only)

Gender : Female
Age : 20
Height : 120
Weight : 5'5
Eyes : Golden
Hair : Long strawberry blond hair, going down to about lower waist.

Personality: Happy, usually carefree, listens to what her older sister tells her to do. Can easily snap, however, and tends not to take order from anyone but her sister well.

Strengths: Archery, magic, and even has an artistic side. When her and her sister are home she tends to cook for them both, while her sister does the thinking and planning and weapon making. Dont let the 'house wife' thing fool you, though, she's talented on the battle field. There are a reason her and her sister the last of their kind.
Weaknesses: Dark. Anything dealing with being alone in the darkness terrifies her to no end. Simply because of what had happened to them along time ago.

Character History: When her and her sister were young, nearly in their teens, their race was attacked by the dark elves. Kilia wasn't old enough to fight, however her older sister was, and they managed to make their way, with their sisters lead, out of the kingdom before they were killed. Now, they're both older and trained to kill. They're still worried that the dark elves will come after them, the last survivers of the Golden Elves, adn because of this they continue to train and get stronger in the art of fighting.With the current war, between the vmpires and the elves, they're undecided, and Kilia wants little to nothing to do with the war.
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Kilia Woodwing
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